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KYC [ Know Your Customer ]
Documents Required for Photo Identity
Aadhar Card (If available, no any Address proof required)
An Identity Card laminated, bearing seal and signature of issuer preferably Government, Semi - Government, Local Authority, Corporate Employer, Educational Institute, Banker Etc.
1. Election Identity Card.
2. Letter from District Magistrate for Election Commission.
3. PAN Card.
4. Pass Port.
5. Driving License.
Address Proof
1. Ration Card.
2. Electricity Bill.
3. LIC Premium Payment Receipt.
4. Latest letter received from Post Office.
5. Telephone Bill.
6. Election Identity Card.
7. PAN Card.
8. Passport Number.
1. Any of the photo identity cards or letters from a recognized public authority or public servant which verifies the identity.
2. Any document verifying current and permanent address, office address - in details Recent Photos.
Proprietary Concern
1. KYC documents for proprietor as individual.
2. Proof of legal / commercial name, address and activity of the business concern such as registration certificate, Certificate of Institute of CAs, CWAs, CSs, Medical Council, SSI Registration.
3. Necessary certificates considering nature of business .. FDA License, PCB License etc.
1. Certificate of Registration.
2. Certificate of Commencement of Business.
3. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
4. Board Resolution for opening Account.
5. Power of Attorney [ Duly registered ] in favor of person/ persons, authorizes to
6. Operate the account and to transact the business on behalf of the company
7. Usual documents of address proof of the principal office / branch office of the company.
8. Usual proofs of identity and address for those persons authorised to operate and transact.
9. Telephone Bill.
Partnership Firm
1. Certificate of Registration.
2. Partnership Deed.
3. Officially Valid document certifying and verifying the authority of person / persons.
4. to operate and transact on behalf of the firm
5. Usual KYC documents for partners.
6. Address proof of the firm.
7. Business License / registration certificates according to the Business.
8. Telephone Bill.
Limited Liability Firm
1. Incorporation documents under provisions of Section 11.
2. Certificate of Registration, signed by the Registrar and bearing his official seal.
3. Limited liability partnership agreement.
4. Usual KYC documents for partners.
5. Business License / registration certificates according to the Business.
Trusts And Foundations
1. Registration Certificate Under S.R.Act and P.T.Act.
2. Trust / Foundation deed.
3. Officially valid documents certifying and verifying the authority of person/s to .
4. operate and transact on behalf of trust / foundation.
5. KYC documents for trustees, settlers, beneficiaries and signatories.
6. Managing Committee Resolution for opening of account.
7. Latest change report verifying the latest list of trustees.
8. Telephone Bill.
Unincorporated Association or Body of Individuals
1. Resolution of managing body.
2. Power of attorney to transact on behalf of association / body.
3. Officially valid documents for holding power of attorney.
4. Such documents as may be required by the Bank to establish collective identity of the association / body.
5. Undertaking by all members to constitute the group.
6. Usual KYC documents for persons concerned.
Co - operative Society
1. By Laws Certificate of Registration and Commencement of Business under State or Multistate co-operative act.
2. Board resolution authorizing opening of an account.
3. Resolution appointing person/s to operate the account and verifying the specimen signature.
4. Usual KYC documents for persons concerned.
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